• Since 2006, Kstopa has been supplying intelligent manufacturing equipments for Auto industry and intelligent appliance industries. Our customers, headline players including, TRW, Braun, ARC and Lear, have been working with us from their manufacturing bases in China ever since. This partnership is now expanding worldwide from China to overseas. 

    BaiAo standard

    Kstopa set up its standard along with the top line players. The design, the layout, the components, the manufacturing, assembly and testing are proven to be compatible to CE, UL standards and the most specific requirements of headline players of the worldwide industry and it is being continuously improved.

    BaiAo Engineering research and development

    Engineering is one of the most important resources Kstopa has been focusing on since the company’s establishment. Our professionals, over 300 specialists of structuring, mechanical engineering, processing, controlling, machine vision, have been working closely with our customers from all over the world, to solidify plans to countless machines that have been put use in workshops. Our engineers engage closely with customers to make sure the next generations are being always improved on handling and return of investment.

    BaiAo Quality

    Today, Kstopa has integrated quality system to make sure machines from our production are traceable, and parts are interchangeable. Our quality assurance happens when a supplier is being certified only for proven quality, but also for service and engineering support. Integrating of CAD/CAM and CNC machining enables Kstopa making sure parts to Kstopa assembly are interchangeable. Our quality controls go through every process but doesn’t end testing. It goes together with our machines in your shop that make sure performance tracks back to the manufacturing when the machine was built.

    BaiAo Service

    Kstopa understands the importance of what service means to the customer. We are extending service infrastructure to global scale wherever Kstopa machines go by implementing international service partners to make sure service arrives on time. kstopa machines are tele-diagnosable, which is another feature that you are under support by the original manufacturer no matter wherever it is located.

    BaiAo People

    Kstopa understands the value of what our associates mean to the company. We grow together with the commitment to the customer, the business and ourselves as the member of synergy, which we march together to the future.

    Engineering and Implementation Capabilities

    • The key members participated in the cooperation of the company with the large-scale german-funded enterprises for 10 years, with rich engineering
    implementation  experience, advanced management concepts, and complete r&d system and process.

    • R&D team can work 24 hours, two shifts or multiple shifts cooperation according to customer's requirement.

    Service Capability:

    • Professional service team

    • Rick experience in project implementation

    • Have strong technology and tips

    • 24Hour on call or on site depends on customer’s requirement

    • Established branch office in Sichuan and Shanxi, service more convenient 

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