• Mission

    「 Enjoy the supreme experience of Kstopa intelligent manufacturing 」

        As a well-known intelligent manufacturing industry service provider in the industry, through constant research and innovation, we offer advanced solutions and high-quality product and service based on the requirement of clients. We aim to enhance clients’ market competitiveness, achieve value maximization and experience perfection


    「 Top service provider of intellectual manufacturing 」

        Kstopa is dedicated to the intellectual manufacturing and providing the whole set of solution for our clients. Based on industrial ecological thinking, we devote ourselves to provide service platform for upstream and downstream firms. Through cooperation and quality control, we expect to become the top service provider of intellectual manufacturing and contribute to intellectual manufacturing.

    Core Values

    「 Put public interests before private ones」

    Put overall and long-term interests at the first place. The success of company is the prerequisite to individual wealth and fame. We require our staff to achieve mutual benefit of individual and company through practice altruism.

    「 Solidarity」

        As a team, we have common goals, share benefits and risks and cooperate closely to meet team goals. Team members are expected to communicate openly, share resources, cooperate others and form strong team cohesion.

    「 Craftsman Spirit 」

        Professionalism is the base of Kstopa, thus we require our staff keep learning and summarizing, continuously improve professional knowledge and skills, and try to achieve the perfection of service and product.

    「 Strive for innovation and development」

        We advocate hard working. We encourage our staff try our best to achieve goals in any conditions. Even having made achievements, we continuously explore more possibilities and challenge ourselves with higher objective.

    Operation and Management Concept

    「 Business Concept: continuous operation and steady development」

        Strive for a balance between current and future development need. Under no circumstance we can sacrifice long-term benefits for immediate interests.

        The fundamental way of improving efficiency is through enhancing professional skills based on clients’ value. We put emphasis on increasing per capita yield, improving the return on investment of money, people, technology and management effort, and then achieve increase in total revenue. We strike the steady development at the premise of continuous increase of customer satisfaction.

    「 Management Concept: people oriented and standardized management 」

        We value every staff member as talents are the key resource of Kstopa. We are dedicated to offering open and supportive environment for our staff members. We encourage staff to innovate, respect their individuality and help them succeed.

        We set up scientific systems, normative process, attach great importance to the profit of management and the achievement of corporate goals.

    「 Service Concept:clients first and deep cultivation 」

        We treat clients sincerely, focus on their needs, stick to efficient and professional services concepts, and devote ourselves to provide optimal solutions for clients.

        Through mining clients’ potential demand and offering optimal product and service, Kstopa is dedicated to bringing clients supreme experience and establishing long-term steady cooperation in the aim of grow with clients.

    「 Personnel Concept:morality first and capability focus 」

        Good moral character is the principle of employing and promoting staff. Kstopa would select individuals who share similar values with us.

        Competence is the key conditions for selecting individuals as Kstopa is capability oriented. We insist on promoting capable people and knock out incapable ones.

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