• Whose "feather" contends when the heart moves with the "feather"

        On July 23, 2017, the first Badminton Competition of Kunshan Baiao Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. opened in Yemadu Cultural and Sports Hall. More than ten badminton players from the badminton club entered the final stage. The competition set up three events: men's singles, women's singles and men's doubles. After drawing lots, they entered the elimination mode directly, and the winner was the champion.
        At 1 p.m., the match officially began with the cheers of everyone. The weather outside was quite hot. The temperature was as high as 40 degrees on that day, and the atmosphere at the badminton hall was quite warm. First of all, the women's singles final was won by Zhang Yanhua and Cao Jia from the R&D department. The two players were sweating in the field. They saw the air badminton sometimes like a light bird, you and I came and went, sometimes like a lightning sword. They kept fighting back and forth in the air, which made people dazzled and dazzled. I couldn't help but sigh that it was so ragged that I couldn't bear to look at it. After intense and fierce competition, Zhang Yanhua won 2-0 in the end.


    Then, the finals of men's singles and men's doubles were held at the same time in two venues. The players in both venues showed their ability to watch their homes one after another. They decided whether they would fight or not, regardless of the hot weather. The finals of men's doubles pushed the atmosphere of the competition to a climax, with Tang Haibing in the sales department and Huang Kai, a newly recruited Mechanical Engineer in the standardization department, competing with Ningbo in product three and Zhang Wei in R&D two. Although     our Tang-Huang combination is not superior in height, they are united, cooperative, flexible and skillful, especially Huang Kai, who is a professional player in spiking skills and is amazing at spiking level. The audience is amazed at the same time. In the first game, the Tang-Huang combination defeated the Ningzhang combination by an absolute advantage of 21:7. The final result is no doubt that Tang Huang won. When the champion of men's doubles came out, the champion of men's singles also came into being, which was won by Fan Lei of R&D two. In Men's Singles, Fan Lei and Yuan Keke, both of them bite tightly and equally in each game. The sound of their fight was so exciting that everyone could see it.
        Throughout the competition, everyone laughed and was full of vitality. This badminton match not only enriched the staff's spare time life, promoted the staff's fitness exercise, showed the staff's positive spiritual outlook, but also strengthened the cohesion of the company, and enhanced the communication and cooperation between different departments. I believe that bringing the spirit of struggle and unity and cooperation on the court into our work, our Baiao will flourish and flourish!

    Human Resources Department
    July 24, 2017

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